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January 2015. Paradigm collaborates with WIN to serve the WCA members and other international freight forwarders. All users under the FM2000, FM3000, iPOM and iPOM Apps are able to track the container real time status with personalized alert service. FM2000 and FM3000 users can exchange shipment data to overseas agents as long as they are “WIN CONNECTED” The shipment status from ocean carriers and airliners are automatically collected and reflected in the iPOM and iPOM Apps. The collaboration benefits the freight forwarding industry by cutting the running cost of the whole logistics chain and enhance visibility to provide a better services to shippers and consignees.

May 2010. Paradigm has completed integration with CargoSmart (www.cargosmart.com), a leading software-as-a-service global shipping and logistics solutions provider. Paradigm and CargoSmart have connected their systems so that customers can submit shipping instructions and track cargo through FM2000 and FM3000. Users can now manage more of their ocean carriers' shipment information through one interface to process shipments and access current shipment status information more efficiently. In addition, customers can use CargoSmart’s advance visibility solutions to optimize shipment routes based on transit times, reduce transportation costs, and resolve shipment problems sooner with exception detection.

March 2008. Paradigm and IES (now known as Descartes) has established a strategic relationship where Paradigm’s FM2000 and FM3000 can integrate with IES AMS System seamlessly. Users can press a key in FM2000 and FM3000 system and the information will sent out for AMS and ACI process via the IES network.

April 2007. FM2000 users can now place the liner booking to the carrier via the Intra. It will help the forwarders to have at least additional 24 hours to prepare the shipment for AMS submission. 

September 2006. Paradigm works with DTTN network. Shipper can place a booking and send out the information to the freight forwarders via the DTTN network. For the FM2000 users, they can simply press a key and get this electronic booking. It saves time in re-inputting the data and enhances the accuracy of the documentation process.

January 2004.  'Tradewind', the joint development project between Recital and Paradigm has come to a final stage of testing. The Mirage Technology is proven to be applicable in logistics industry. As the manufacturing factories are expected to move from the Coastal area of China to the Inland or Western part of China, the product can be widely applied in these area where infra-structure may not support the high bandwidth web based solution. 

November 2003.  Paradigm has successfully implemented a PONS application to ULI Group. The project allows ULI customer to monitor its shipment against their purchase order to the vendors. The application has a significant impact on monitoring the Supply Chain movement in both buyer and vendor relationship.